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The Accursed Seas

by Anchorsmashed ft. Accursed Years



The most chilling Anchorsmashed song to date, featuring guest vocals from Joseph Peers of Accursed Years. We actually wrote the song for him to sing on, hence the name :^)

Telling the tale of a young lad who joins a pirate ship that's attacked by ghosts and the captain who refuses to believe it, The Accursed Seas is an eight minute pirate metal epic for sure.


When I was a boy
My father put me on his knee
He’d tell me tales of strange sights
He’d seen at night at sea
And now I am a man
It’s time for me to sail away
Aboard the Broken Dawn
Is where I meet my fate

A flash on the horizon
A ghastly shade of green
I shout down to the captain
To tell him what I’ve seen
The old dog won’t believe me
He says I’m wasting time
But through my spyglass I see
A white ship close behind

In all the years I’ve sailed these seas
I’ve seen no ghosts or ghouls
So hold your tongue and man your post
Such tales are for children and fools

Gazing out of the stern side chills my spine
With a sight I’ve never seen in my life
With the fog rolling in and stinging my eyes
The chill on the wind brings our ghastly demise

We’ve all heard the tales of ghost ships
We’ve all seen St Elmo’s Fire
As the night draws in and the sun descends
We’ll drink to our final hour
We’ve all seen the lights in the North sky
We’ve all heard the sirens’ pleas
And now when we meet with the undead fleet
We’ll sail the Accursed Seas

First we hear the gunfire
The volley of cannons roar
Grapeshot rips our portside
Spirits crawl aboard
The clashing of swords and bloodshed
Fill the air with the ominous dread
Every man aboard a mark
All must meet their death

What men are these, who attack at night?
This violates the code!
I demand to speak with your captain at once!
Your honour’s worth more than our gold!

Despite my numerous cries
The captain insists
As though he’s in terrible trance
With slaughter all around, and death on our side
He refuses to see what is before his eyes

We’ve all heard the tales…

When I was a boy
My father put me on his knee
He told me tales of strange sights
He’d seen at night at sea
Now I am a man
Long ago I sailed away
Upon the Broken Dawn
Is where I met my fate

We've all heard the tales...


released October 30, 2021
A. J. Blackett & The Bastian
Joseph Peers
Mastered by Tony Lindgren of Fascination Street Studios
Artwork background photo by @danieljohnbenton


all rights reserved



Anchorsmashed Scotland, UK

Pure folken pirate metal from Edinburgh, Scotland. Drink pints, win fights, drink ale, set sail.

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