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by Anchorsmashed



As if we weren't dangerous enough already we now have gunpowder on our sides. Ay yay yay!


Whilst pillaging the coast of Spain we met a strange old man
He said he practiced alchemy and an offer he did have
In exchange for his life he'd said he'd join our crew
As long as he could still conduct the science he wanted to

I looked the bugger up and down, there wasn't much to see
I said "All right, but what can you do for me?"
He licked his licks and looked at me with fire in his eyes, he said
"Have you ever heard of sulphur?" and grinned a mile wide

Mix up the black powder, pack it on down
Shove in the leadshot and hear me cry...

AYE AYE AYE! Pistolas!
AYE AYE AYE! Pistolas!
A single shot is all I need
To aid me in my endless greed
I point, pull the trigger
And the thunder barks forth
A spark ignites the hidden fuse
You were always going to lose
Now I've blown your face away to bloody kingdom come

Now every time we go to sea I bring a bandolier
Loaded up with pistolas and other pirate gear
Pellets fly and skulls explode I leave a bloody wake
If you're facing Captain Blacket you're making a grave mistake

Pack down the leadshot, get it in tight
You, my friend, lose your face tonight


Wasting those curs to the left and the right
Powered by rum, witness my might



released September 4, 2020
A. J. Blackett


all rights reserved



Anchorsmashed Scotland, UK

Pure folken pirate metal from Edinburgh, Scotland. Drink pints, win fights, drink ale, set sail.

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