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by Anchorsmashed

A letter of marque came from the king To aid him in the war on Spain Written permission for piracy A pardon for our crimes at sea Join our crew, sign up today It’s time for you to sail away Leaving your old life behind Come on boys, the tide is high! Taking the king’s gold for just having fun Coconut rum and Caribbean sun Think of it just like a lad’s holiday With adventure and glory on the high waves What do you say? Come sail away for king and country Come ride the waves on an epic quest Come sail the seas in search of glory Or just come along to steal some shit Sail Away! Ride the waves! Sail the seas! Just come along to steal some shit! Hey! Now I’ve got a mighty crew We all know what we must do So chart a course out to the west Let’s show those bastards we’re the best! Jackson was a blacksmith’s son COME SAIL AWAY BOYS! Now he mans our starboard guns Donald is our galley chief COME SAIL AWAY BOYS! You should taste his pickled beef! Trevor’s wife was such a nag COME SAIL AWAY BOYS! Until we made her walk the plank Our surgeon likes to play with guts COME SAIL AWAY BOYS! Best of all he’s fucking nuts! Dear little Timothy the orphan boy Never before in his life known joy Welcomed aboard, given food and a bed But inside a broadside cannon he slept And what happened next... Come sail away... We’ll all go down in history As the best damn pirates to sail the sea Forever now your sails are black Steal their shit don’t give it back! Come sail away...
Drink your beer, have no fear Drink your beer, have no fear Well, sailing the seas for many years We collected all the finest beers And if you can make your way to here Then you can drink some beer We've built a tavern at the end of the earth Where the sailors go to prove their worth And if you can make your way to here Then you can drink with me Drink your beer, have no fear Drink your beer, have a drink on me Drink your beer, have no fear Drink your beer,have a drink with me my friend So down your ale and quaff your pint It's lagerboy destruction time We'll drink til the end of our days We've got ales and porters and stouts And brews you could never live without So if you like drinking lots of beer Then make your way to here But if you prefer a fine red wine A nice gin and tonic with a slice of lime Then well my friend you’re out of luck ‘Cause you can get to- CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! Drink your beer, have no fear... DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK YOUR BEER! DRINK YOUR BEER! Drink! Your! Beer! Drink! Your! Beer! Drink your beer, have no fear...
There’s a secret cove that only pirates know Hidden out to the west and when the tide gets low You can take a rowboat and go right up to the shore Make your way through the tunnels and caves When you reach the other side and you’ll see the setting sun And loads of pirate wenches drinking coconut rum Everybody will be dancing to the groovy island beat If you like getting Anchorsmashed you’re in for a treat That’s it, we’re headed out today (here we go!) Make sure that someone knows the way! Oh no, I think we’re getting lost (here we go!) Let's turn the ship around We’ll make it there, no matter the cost! It’s a bikini beach babe party In the Caribbean sea We’ll slingshot round Hawaii And ride the Eastern Breeze With the hula girls all stunning In their grass skirts and sarongs We’ll drink and dance and party All through the night til dawn Beach! Babe! Beach! Babe! Beach babe party! Beach! Babe! Beach! Babe! Now we’re here in the sunset glow Enjoying our drinks and what do you know? A grass skirt girls tell me something’s wrong They’ve left their swimsuits at home Don’t worry babe! Don’t feel abashed We’ve got you covered ‘cause we’re Anchorsmashed! Look in our ship, have a rummage in the boot Bikinis and sarongs amongst the loot! That’s it, our party’s underway (here we go!) Cocktails and tiki torches, golden sands and azure waves Surf’s up against the open tide (here we go!) That’s when you hear the call: YO HO HO IT’S LIMBO TIME! How low can you go? It’s a bikini beach babe party...


Ahoy! Three rowdy and rousing songs guaranteed to build anticipation for the album coming later in the year! The sea is calling you or whatever. SAIL AWAY. RIDE THE WAVES. STEAL SOME SHIT!


released August 14, 2020

A. J. Blackett

Background photograph of the arctic sea by @danieljohnbenton


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Anchorsmashed Scotland, UK

Pure folken pirate metal from Edinburgh, Scotland. Drink pints, win fights, drink ale, set sail.

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